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Our areas of future focus will be topics such as content management systems, search engine optimization, online branding solutions and project management. Please check back regularly for new white papers.

3 Keys To Successful Writing For The Web

Content and written articles meant for offline print do not always translate suitably to the online world of web copy. The rules that apply to writing content for the web are different than those for print; excellent content composed offline does not necessarily amount to quality writing for the web.

SEO or PPC, which is the better ROI?

Our study on organic search engine optimization clearly indicates that SEO should be the primary investment focus of any online marketing strategy. We found that organic optimization generates a higher return on investment than pay per click advertising, at a lower cost and longer lasting marketing benefits.

The Benefits of Using a Web Analytics Tool

While many personal websites aren't necessarily in need of advanced analytics, a well run business website should provide some basic information. Web analytics can provide too much information for a personal website and create "analysis paralysis", as they quickly cause confusion and become a useless tool for the casual webmaster. However, for a business website, great web analytics tools are essential to maintain and improve your website.

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