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The first step is measurement

The first step is measurement

Tracking your online campaign should not be guesswork.

By measuring Key Performance Indicators you can establish business objectives that relate to specific actions on your website. Capturing this information is crucial to developing your online presence, and in turn, growing your ROI.

Through studying visitor behavior, abandon-rates, conversions and engagements we can tune your campaign towards successful multi-step actions that support your business goals.

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Elevate Search Engine Optimization Results

SEO is essential for online success

SEO attracts visitors that are interested in your company, products or services. Fewer keywords that deliver more engaged visitors are far more valuable than more keywords that no one searches.

A relevant SEO strategy will increase ranking positions and more visibility, traffic, and higher conversions. In addition to your content marketing effort, a solid technical SEO architecture enables search engines to recognize your content without friction.

Moonstone specializes in technical SEO best practices.

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Elevate Search Engine Optimization Results
Focus on Conversion Rate Optimization

Focus on Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase your revenue with the expert conversion optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) makes decisions based on measurement of visitor behavior, online marketing campaigns, visitor channels, engagement paths, and steps triggering abandonment. 

CRO requires understanding the process funnel from the campaign landing page through the steps for call-to-action fulfillment. Bounce rates and abandon rates at each step are leading indicators for improving conversion rates of both individual campaigns and overall website performance. The key is to use industry best practices to make improvements, test, and measure success.    

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Optimize ROI by re-allocating marketing budget

Spend your internet marketing budget based on results.

In internet marketing, conversion rate optimization marketing is a process to increase the percentage of visitors that convert into customers or qualified leads. CRO marketing can also determine the most effective action on a webpage. With business-driven key performance indicators, campaign tagging, funnel analysis, and advanced web analytics tools, you can track visitor behavior, desired actions or conversions back to their source. In fact, the source can be as granular as a specific search term on a specific Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign.

Simply, allocate more money to campaigns with higher ROI or conversion rates. And, reduce spending on digital campaigns with negative ROI or low conversion rates.

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Optimize ROI by re-allocating marketing budget
Optimize Return on Investment

Optimize Return on Investment

Test concepts, design and build.

We work with clients large and small from all industries. Whether you want to generate more leads from your site, to increase eCommerce sales, we can help.

Here are some of the ways Moonstone Interactive can optimize your web presence:

1.    Track-Funnels - optimize visitor steps through checkout or form submission
2.    Tag Campaigns - understand what is working 
3.    Implement Analytics - understand visitor behavior 
4.    Elevate SEO - prioritize keywords quality over quantity
5.    Optimize Conversion Rate – measure, enhance, convert 
6.    Reallocating Resources - invest in successful strategies 
7.    Calculate ROI – find where to improve your bottom line

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Moonstone Interactive is the only San Francisco Bay Area web design firm and internet marketing expert that offers a free online ROI Calculator

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