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Doug: You also host the websites, if the companies want you to?

Stephen: Yes, we do because once a company has a good website, a good presence, they want to make sure it's up and running, and if you're truly managing your web presence, you're monitoring how well it's doing and constantly improving it. Just like any business strategy. We provide online access to reporting so that our clients can actually see how their website's doing, what kind of traffic's coming in, and how they're converting on a day- to-day basis and on an online basis. We provide this capability so our clients can truly make sure that their web presence is up and running, and positioned to optimize for their . . .

Doug: Then when you host it, talk to me about that process. You're involved in it then, really, all of the time.

Stephen: Yes. When we host for our clients, we only host for our clients, meaning that we're doing some other service for them. Either we're doing maintenance on their website, we're doing online marketing for them, or we're doing reporting for them. We do this, as we talked earlier, really as a service to make sure their website is performing well and we're monitoring it.
One of the things we do is monitor their website for them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're constantly sending out electronic messages to ping that server, to make sure it's up and running. If it's not up and running, we automatically generate help tickets to get it fixed immediately so it doesn't sit there stale. The reporting we use to monitor whether or not we need to make adjustments in the website, whether the competition's changed, whether the volume's changed, whether the behavior of the visitor has changed, so we can address that.

Doug: Very interesting. There's a lot to this, really.

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