Search Engine Optimization

Stephen: The trick is really to make sure that you have the right niche or keywords or phrases that will attract your target segments. That requires some research up front. That requires an effort that we do for our clients, that we find the right keywords and phrases that will bring in the traffic for their website and allow them to be competitive on the internet.
We do some research about how people are searching, and then we start search engine optimization and we reporting, that we talked about earlier. That allows our clients to actually see where people live that are searching their websites and where people are coming from to actually use their services, follow- up, or read their website and spend time. In the case that you're referencing, this client found the geography, based on seeing where people were searching that they had never targeted with their offline marketing, and now with that additional information, not only can they be more successful online but now they can start an offline marketing program and go after that target segment geographically that they weren't even aware of before.

Doug: Very interesting. That's kind of fascinating.

Stephen: A tremendous amount of intelligence that you can get from actually paying attention to how people are searching on the internet.

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