Our Approach

Moonstone Interactive improves the online ROI for our clients


Business Objectives

Identify metrics that impact your business, including: increase sales or leads, cost per lead, customer engagement, time and cost for content management, distribution of information.


Marketing Strategy

Create the improvement game plan based on market visibility, visitor behavior, key performance indicators, competitive intelligence and best practices to create targeted web marketing strategies.


Web Development

Implement innovative web design features, easy-to-use content management system (CMS), unique customization, specialized applications, or bulletproof shopping cart.

SEO Strategy

Enterprise CMS

Implement advanced CMS platforms with easy-to-use CMS features, personalized content, persona-based campaigns, A/B testing, and automated lead nurturing programs.



Measure visitor behavior, online marketing campaigns, visitor channels, engagement paths, and steps triggering abandonment to define improvement, test and repeat.

Web Design

Web Design

Create professional Website design that creates an online brand image that effectively communicates who you are to your target market segment and facilitates action toward your business objectives.

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Track and report results of both online marketing campaigns and Website behavior through performance metrics and Web analytics consulting are essential to optimizing your marketing ROI.

ROI Calculator

Moonstone Interactive is the only San Francisco Bay Area web design firm and internet marketing expert that offers a free online ROI Calculator

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