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Moonstone uses creative web design and advanced WordPress development to elevate Degenkolbs brand, motivate staff and engage more users.

Elevated Brand image - Reduced mobile usage - Increase Jobs traffic



Moonstone redesigned the website to address several perspectives: Degenkolb’s

  • Brand as an industry leader in architectural engineering
  • Culture that values people, teamwork, curiosity, ingenuity, and fun
  • Content integration between People and projects

Plus, we applied industry best practices for navigation, responsive design, optimal user experience, and dynamic content for an optimal user experience reinforcing Degenkolb brand and culture across all devices.

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Business Objectives

Degenkolb recognized that they needed to refresh their website to address changing expectations of mobile visitors and to gain efficiencies in their content management capabilities.  Their business objectives were;

  • Attract new employees
  • Reinforce Degenkolb Brand for sales and partner relationships
  • Elevate the online image:
    • Reinforce online image as an industry leader
    • Simplify the menu structure and layout
    • Enhance the user experience on mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets
  • Reduce content management cost and time
    • Identify an easy to use CMS that addresses Degenkolb features and functional needs
    • Expand capabilities for content and structure editing by Degenkolb employees
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Project Accomplishments:

Effective design reflected in usage statistics indicate advancements in project objectives

  • Home page with only 40% bounce rate
  • Mobile bounce only 3.8 % points higher than desktop
  • Mobile engagement 86% of desktop
  • Job pageviews 2nd highest to Home page

"We are recognized as a top California Web Design Agency on DesignRush” 

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