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Marketing & Public Relations

Marketing & Public Relations

Moonstone took the new design and developed the website on Ektron 7 in 2008. Since then, we have done four other redesigns and three Ektron upgrades. This keeps Crossmatch on the most current version of Ektron in order to take full advantage of new features and functionality.

  • Website Development on Ektron CMS 
  • SEO Goal Funnels
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Integration with OnDemand and ActOn

Goals & Objectives

  • Increase visibility
  • Increased visitors
  • Increased leads 
  • Track specific goal paths
  • Configure and customize CMS for operational efficiency

Moonstone has been hosting, developing, and supporting the Crossmatch (formerly DigitalPersona) website since 2008. Our original mission was redesign their existing site and develop it on Ektron 7. We have continued to support and host Crossmatch through multiple redesigns, Ektron upgrades, their acquisition, multiple landing page campaigns, setting up goal funnels, and much more.

Goals & Objectives


Crossmatch has been a very active client over the years with redesigns almost every year, keeping up with current versions of Ektron, running multiple landing page campaigns, integrating with OnDemand and ActOn, along with standard daily updates and maintenance. Each redesign and upgrade was under tight timelines where Moonstone delivered on time and deployed smoothly.

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