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E-Commerce Website Development

Web Development October 4, 2013
Author: Global Administrator
E-Commerce Website Development

Moonstone Interactive knows a thing or two about which e-commerce websites, e-commerce web design and customized e-commerce solutions will work best with your particular online business.

In fact, our professional designers have vast expertise and experience in creating the right e-commerce website by matching the functionality of the specific e-commerce solutions to your industry.

Putting The Shopping Cart Before The Horse. To optimize shopping cart sales –– and to help avoid abandonment when visitors come to your e-commerce website to shop –– we offer three best practices:

  • Optimize an effective shopping experience – By using clean, uncluttered and savvy e-commerce web design, your products are easy to find and easy to buy in your shopping cart. This typically delivers high conversion rates.
  • Create a secure, easy-to-use check-out process – By setting up a simplified and secure check-out process with our e-commerce website, you’ll notice that your shopping cart sales will rise dramatically and abandonment rates will drop noticeably. This is a critical step that many e-commerce solutions companies don’t use, but it’s a step that Moonstone always takes.
  • Improve ROI with through e-commerce optimization with customer follow-up and a nurturing process –We take note of what the largest e-commerce websites are doing with their customized e-commerce web design. Then, we practice what we preach. The result is an improved return-on-investment to optimize your sales, enhanced customer follow-up, and beginning a client nurturing process while minimizing how much you spend to keep your shopping cart running smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

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