Four Web Design Trends That Are Going Out of Style

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Tips for Web Design Last Updated: November 6, 2015
Author: Global Administrator
Four Web Design Trends That Are Going Out of Style

To anyone who uses the internet regularly -- i.e., practically everyone -- it's no secret that it's a constantly shape shifting animal, ever-changing, updating, and evolving right alongside the technology that we use to view it. While many web designers have their finger on the pulse of what users want (and know how to give businesses what they want without sacrificing usability), others are still stuck in the web design dark ages, clinging to outdated web design trends that serve neither the user nor the client's' bottom line. Here are 5 web design trends that we’ll be seeing less and less of.

Having a mobile site and a desktop site.

We are all aware that web design needs to be mobile-ready to keep up with the rise of mobile devices as the most common way that users view web content. Mobile friendly design has seen a trend towards sleek, simple, minimalist design, but it's also lead to a trend that needs to die out: mobile only websites. Not only is maintaining two separate sites a nightmare for SEO, it isn't necessary. If your designer makes the suggestion, encourage him to redesign the existing site to be compatible with mobile consumption.

Music that plays automatically.

Unless you want visitors feeling nostalgic for their MySpace pages, your company's web site should skip the music that plays automatically when your site opens. At one time thought to add flare and a personal touch to your landing page, now this effect is just annoying. Even if you include volume control or an off switch, no one wants to pull up your site in a meeting and spend 3 minutes trying to figure out how to turn off the music. This is one web design trend better left in silence.

Insisting on the use of Flash.

Flash isn't exactly becoming obsolete, but it's not compatible with mobile devices. The fact that 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from cell phones or tablets should be more than enough reason to leave flash out of your web design plan, yet it persists. Creating flash content can also be time consuming, so steer your designer towards more versatile design elements if you're budget conscious. Plus, there's one last nail in Flash's coffin: it's practically ignored by Google web crawlers. That should be enough to lay this web design trend to rest.

Insisting on the use of splash pages.

Businesses like them, users hate them. Perhaps once upon a time we were dazzled or fooled by pop up images clamoring for you to hand over your email address, answer a survey question, read tangential content, or directing you to social media feeds, but that time has gone. Now splash pages are just a barrier to what users want when they load up your website: the content. Keep your users happy and make this web design trend a thing of the past.

Now check out your site: how many of these fading web design trends are scaring your customers away? Let Moonstone Interactive help you make a website that is focused on your business goals and modern.