Blog: Mobile Website Design: Still Growing & Impacting All Companies

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Mobile Website Design: Still Growing & Impacting All Companies

Tips for Web Design September 21, 2016
Author: Global Administrator
Mobile Website Design: Still Growing & Impacting All Companies

A significantly higher number of web visitors are seeking mobile website design. After all, the mobile user experience is all-important. That’s why users are increasing frustrated with older website designs that do not render effectively on their smartphones and tablets.

What Every User Wants.
Whether they’re viewing your site on their large iPhone 6 or 7, an older, smaller iPhone, or a comparable Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the best mobile websites are what every company wants––and what every user seeks to convert visitors to potential customers.
After all, 80% of Internet searches are now performed on smartphones and the majority of these searches want a mobile website that is optimized for their particular device.

What Is Mobile Website Design?
Companies like Moonstone Interactive who are experts in mobile web design have vast experience in knowing how to build one great looking mobile website after another.
Mobile website design enables us to create websites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of Internet-enabled devices. It also provides easy reading and navigation for mobile devices with a minimum of resizing, panning and scrolling.
What Are Mobile User Experience Advantages?
One advantage is a higher mobile user engagement compared to a very high abandonment and bounce rate. Another advantage includes longer page views, which  enables you to recapture your visitors on mobile devices. However, the biggest advantage is higher search engine rankings for mobile search.
Enhanced Calls to Action.
With enhanced mobile web design, you can create long, scrolling pages such as landing pages and conference enrollment pages that can be optimized for viewing on any device, whether your web visitor is at home on their laptop, in a coffee shop on their tablet, or on a bus on their smartphone.
Images for The Best Mobile Websites.
Finally, you should design your mobile responsive page to evoke strong, positive emotions about your brand. Rather than using traditional images, take the time to find images that are more dynamic, more groundbreaking and more intriguing.
Want to Know More about Mobile Websites?
To optimize your mobile website, get in touch with Moonstone Interactive, one of the leading San Francisco Bay Area companies for the best mobile website design. We invite you to contact us today.

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