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Tips for Online Marketing Last Updated: April 13, 2013
Author: Steve Herz
Video Distribution

Today, more companies are using a flash video streaming service to showcase videos on their websites. Videos attract visitors and convert them into customers. Videos can be short or long, educational or humorous. And videos can demo a product or service or use a spokesperson to speak directly to your prospective client.

But to properly enable videos to be seen on your website, you must first enable a video streaming server. Moonstone Interactive’s Web Hosting Packages include this critical component.

Consider The Video Distribution Proposition.

There’s nothing worse than having your website visitors get frustrated when trying to watch a video. We propose the following video distribution scenario:

  • Deliver value by providing rich media communication – Your video, supported by a flash video streaming service through an embedded flash controller, should be informative, educational, entertaining, and interesting. Above all, it must engage your web visitors. Moonstone copywriters and art directors can craft your video message for social media distribution and placement on your blog.
  • Use video distribution services recognized by search engines – As with your press release distribution, video distribution should be done through the most popular services that are recognized by major search engines.
  • Leverage the video experience by posting on your website or blog – It’s always wise to post your video on your website through a flash video streaming service, then provide the links on your blog and social media sites. That way, viewers will know who to contact and be able to find out more about your company and your video streaming server does the heavy lifting.
  • Support Mobile Video Requirements – In addition to the traditional PCs and Macs, you also need to support mobile devices. This requires the capability to recognize the device and deliver the respective technology requirements, such as HTML5 through iPhone and iPad .

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