Strategic Internet Marketing

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Tips for Online Marketing Last Updated: May 26, 2013
Author: Global Administrator
Strategic Internet Marketing

The online marketplace has become increasingly competitive. That’s why any strategic Internet marketing plan recommends that you need to know your competition. You need to understand how you can beat them. And you need to work smarter, not harder. Here are several factors to consider.

Gain Competitive Intelligence with A Market Assessment and Performance (M.A.P.) Report.
To help our clients assess their overall competitive position, Moonstone Interactive provides a proprietary, strategic Internet marketing service: Market Assessment and Performance (M.A.P.). Each M.A.P. report provides competitive intelligence and visitor behavior with recommendations for direct improvement. The M.A.P. report includes:

  • Market Visibility – Your brand’s footprint on your Website.
  • Search Engine Attributes – The search engines' view of your Website.
  • Competitive Intelligence – What attributes need to do be addressed to beat the competition.
  • Website Performance – Where the Website supports your business goals, and where to improve it through marketing on the Internet and facilitating visitor conversion.
  • Customized Performance Improvement Recommendations – How to achieve a better R.O.I.

Compete For Each Target Keyword.
Your visibility to your target audience is determined by how well you compete for the respective space in each target venue. The classic Internet marketing consulting focus is a keyword ranking for target keywords. You have to understand that you must compete with other Websites for each target keyword. Instead of a competition for the best product, it’s for the best content in the "eyes" of the particular search engine. So if specific search engines do not display your content, your target prospect will not see you as an option, even if you’re doing everything you can when marketing on the Internet.

Depict Your Brand Essence and Competitive Difference.
Once someone finds you, through proper Internet marketing consulting, your online design and content should depict your brand essence and competitive differentiation. In many cases, it can be the first impression that you make on a prospective customer. In other cases, it should reinforce previous impressions made through personal contact or offline marketing and collateral. Your Website can either facilitate your brand image or damage it.

Deliver More Sophisticated Functions and Features.
Per strategic Internet marketing best practices, the functions and features of your Website can also be an important competitive factor. If your brand essence includes innovation and service, then your Website should deliver more sophisticated functions and features than the majority of your competition.

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