What is Influencer Sharing?

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Tips for Online Marketing Last Updated: November 16, 2015
Author: Global Administrator
What is Influencer Sharing?

Marketing has changed a lot over the last few years. In the past you could use more traditional marketing methods like billboards, commercials, and print ads to get your product in front of your potential consumers; with digital media now taking the place of a lot of these mediums, the way you market needs to be in line with the digital world.

One of the biggest things you should focus on outside of having a great site that is well optimized is finding the key influencers in your market. Once you have found these influencers you need to build a relationship with them so that they may be willing to help promote your business or product.

What is an industry influencer? This is a person who has gained the trust of people in a particular field via social media and others go to them for referrals on products. An example would be in the video game world the character “angry video game nerd” is a trusted voice in what are good video games and what are not. People in that industry trust his advice on the topic. So, if you were coming out with a new video game you would want to have him play it and, hopefully, he’d like it and his opinion would go out as a positive influence to your market audience.

How can you find your industry influencers? The best way to do this is to keep an eye out on social media platforms for who you see sharing the most in your field. You can also use services like BuzzSumo to see who is sharing what on the different platforms.

Having influencers on your side can only help you get your business booming, and we recommend building relationships via social media with your main influencers.