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Tips for Online Marketing Last Updated: July 23, 2013
Author: Global Administrator
Email Templates

There are a dozens of HTML email templates that you can use to attract a new prospect or a past client to your website. Most of these newsletter templates have been created by a reputable email newsletter service.

Moonstone Interactive has vast experience in working with various HTML email templates. We understand the skill required to design custom newsletter templates to exceed those offered by a popular newsletter services.

Proven Advice For Newsletter Templates Development.
For all campaigns using HTML email templates, Moonstone offers three proven best practices for newsletter templates development success:

  • Always address multiple delivery options – It’s highly recommended that you create HTML email templates that encompass the three most popular options: HTML, text, and AOL to reach the broadest population of users. Using Moonstone as your email newsletter service provides these delivery variables in our newsletter templates.
  • Direct your readers to website landing pages – One of the smartest ways to capture the key information about your email readers is to direct them to specific website landing pages. That landing page can then better fulfill the offer or expand / enhance information delivery. And when they visit a specific landing page and enter their email address, you can then follow-up with them in future HTML email templates.
  • Track campaign for performance assessment – Moonstone’s email newsletter service can show you the key metrics to enhance your future email development endeavors. We recommend that campaign measurement be expanded to tracking your visitors for their website behavior from their initial clicks through the call to actions and closing the sale. After all, this is truly the only way to measure marketing ROI.

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