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Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design company is worth its weight in gold
A responsive web design company is worth its weight in gold

Maybe even platinum

When you’re looking for a responsive web design company,
In the San Francisco Bay Area, you want experts who are extremely responsive.

What exactly are responsive web design and development services? Mobile website design that is specifically compatible with mobile devices is the latest trend in responsive web development.
Why is this important? It’s important if you’ve ever had a potential client tell you that they couldn’t view your website properly on different screen sizes, such as their smartphone or tablet. Because of this one website development issue, you may have just lost a customer… and you may lose even more.

Responsive Website Development
Responsive Website Development


Responsive web design is an approach that enables you to craft sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across a wide range of devices: from large desktop computers to smaller laptops and tablets to smartphones.
Because we at Moonstone Interactive in the San Francisco Bay Area are a web design company, we know that responsive design provides easy reading and simplified navigation that’s compatible with mobile devices with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling by the web visitor.

10 Responsive Design Benefits
10 Responsive Design Benefits

There are a myriad of benefits from a responsive website design company like Moonstone Interactive. These include:

  1. An overall feeling of trust that your website delivers your brand image and overall usability on mobile phones.
  2. The deployment of industry best practices for design and coding trends.
  3. Enterprise-level quality across multiple devices.
  4. Customized for each client’s requirements to optimize the mobile friendly user experience.
  5. We’re experts in responsive design and its corresponding coding.
  6. Over a decade’s experience in web design and other content management systems (CMS) that are compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.
  7. Higher mobile user engagement with mobile responsive web design vs. extremely high abandon and bounce rates.
  8. More sessions and correspondingly longer pageviews per visitor.
  9. The ability to recapture visitors on mobile phones and mobile devices.
  10. Increasingly higher search engine rankings for mobile search because you’re appealing to a higher percentage of smartphone users who rely on their mobile devices for searches.
Finally, we offer responsive design with the spotlight on “responsive” so you can count on rapid ROI on your responsive web development.
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