Barns Owls - nature's rodent control

Companies support various community or social causes to give back. Our team is passionate about the health of our natural environment. One small slice of our local environments that we can all influence is eliminating damaging chemicals and rodenticides used as a quick fix. It backfires, killing Mother Nature’s ecosystem of natural predators, and its far more effective rodent control.

Moonstone is spreading the facts to solicit support in eliminating damaging rodenticides. Enjoy our Owl Cam and learn more about Barn Owls. One family consumes 3,000 – 5,000 rodents per year.

Please join us in supporting and nurturing Mother Nature. Share this page with everyone you know. Be an advocate for Mother Nature. Mother knows best!

Baby Owls February 10, 2024

Teenage Owls March 24, 2024

Our Story

Seven years ago, we installed the Moonstone Owl Box in Danville, CA. We had seen Owl Boxes at some local vineyards in Northern California and did some research. As we learned about the incredible impact of Barn Owls on local rodent populations, we were excited about the possibility. We had tried every remedy during the prior ten years, from juicy fruit gum to gopher bombs. It seemed like we were living in the sequel to ”Caddy Shack.” 

We installed our owl box in late January following the simple instructions. We used a 12-foot, 6-inch square redwood post with a stovepipe as a predator guard. Owls-(1).pngThe base of the owl box is 9ft 6in high, and the box entrance faces northeast will an unobstructed flight path. Additionally, it is approximately 30 feet from open hilly fields overflowing with rodents.

Each year, Moonstone Owl Box has attracted Barn Owl nests. These owl nests had produced two to six eggs and one to four owl fledglings leaving the nest, except for one year when we lost four new owlet chicks to poison. This year 2023, we had six eggs hatch. Watch our new Moonstone Barn Owl cam to learn about these fascinating birds.  

By attracting and supporting nature’s most incredible rodent control, the Barn Owl, we do not have a single gopher on our property. We have learned that a family of Barn Owls consumes 3,000 to 5,000 a year. These birds of prey are beautiful and a delight to observe, from dating to mating and from parents to “empty nesters.” Watch the owlets grow from birth to children and adolescents to adults. 

We should all support Barn Owls as highly contributing community members and support Mother Nature’s ecosystem by eliminating all use of rodenticides. These manufactured chemicals do far more harm than good. One poisoned rodent can wipe out a nest of young chicks destroying a Barn Owl family and eliminating their 3,000 rodent consumption. Plus, rodenticides poison pets and contaminate the water supply. Is it worth it?