Moonstone Interactive Honored by Heartbeat of America: Transcript

Kevin: We have been watching the operations of an organization which is doing its part to keep America strong. We've been learning from its leaders about what they're doing to help move our country forward. This organization represent companies across our great nation that embody the spirit, dedication, know-how, and can-do attitude which has made America the great nation it is today. Now, let's present the Keeping America Strong award.

Doug: It's my honor to present our Keeping America Strong award to Stephen Herz, the president of Moonstone Interactive of San Ramon California, for the outstanding work that his company is doing to help keep America strong. Stephen, congratulations, and best wishes for continued success.

Stephen: Thank you very much, Doug. I really appreciate this honor, and the entire Moonstone team really appreciates the recognition.

Kevin: Congratulations for earning the Keeping America Strong award, which honors innovators and leaders like you, who are the heartbeat of America.