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Teaching fine art for children manifests that everyone is creative

SEO - Website redesign - kentico website development - regpoint & infusionsoft integration - hosting / maintenance 

001 / Our Re-Design

Moonstone designed a professional website with proprietary imagery showcasing the Marvegos’ experience for children and parents. Photos of the students and their creative artwork  promote the essence of Marvegos. We integrated unique icons created by Marvegos into the site design for a proprietary feel. We designed a layout that is easy to navigate and read.

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Business Objectives
  • Enhance online image
  • Increase the number of class registration
  • ​Reduce cost and time processing class registration


Services Provided

  • Website design
  • Website development on Kentico CMS
  • Responsive with integration into Regpoint
  • Integration into Infusionsoft
  • Hosting / Maintenance 
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002 / From Our Client

"Moonstone developed our website on Kentico CMS. This system has allowed us to automate our bookings of free introductory lessons which we can now easily manage ourselves using the Kentico booking system. We have also learned how to post and manage our blogs. It's also easy to add new pages, edit existing pages, and even do fancy analytics tracking with redirects."

Eva Van
Marketing Manager - The Marvegos Fine Art School

Our Project Goals
& Accomplishments

Marvegos’ new web design is appealing to parents and children. With the proprietary imagery you can feel the fun the students have during classes and see the creativity in their finished products. The site has been developed on Kentico CMS and is now easy for Marvegos to keep updated. The information on the site is up to date and informative to parents. What used to be a fully manual paper system for class registration is now fully online, making it easier and faster for parents and more cost effective for Marvegos. The systems is using Kentico’s booking system for Free Intro classes, and using Regpoint for all session class registrations.

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