FCPA Resource CDs

In the past few months, Moonstone has completed the design and development of 2 CD-ROMs for FCPA. The first was a Resource CD used by the imaging products group to distribute to the several thousand FCPA distributors and sales reps around the world. The 2nd was also for the imaging group for distribution to potential customers at recent trade shows, effectively replacing brochures and other collateral.

Both interactive CDs contain product data sheets, Flash demos and other marketing materials such as product presentations, newsletters and service information. The CDs also allow for FCPA to update content which in turn notifies the sales reps or end users to download the updates automatically from the web, resulting in everyone always having the most current, up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Results: The result of these CDs is a cost-savings in the printing and distribution of marketing materials as well as the ability for the sales team to establish ongoing communications with potential customers, leading to increased sales potential and volume. New versions of the CDs have recently been released.