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By refining and installing Enterprise Content Management systems (ECMS), we formalize your means of organization, content, and process. We value the Ektron WCMS, a practical and contemporary way of Content Management. 

This process helps the client utilize an Enterprise CMS with refined features, enabling our partners to configure and develop functionality when creating pages and modules. We also administer a Digital Expertise Hub (DXH), allowing for reciprocal interfacing that suits your business —keeping our clients well informed of their digital effect. 

With a tailored marketing suite, you can manage persona features for unique or returning users. Our team is always ready to support your development, ensuring efficient knowledge transfer from our staff to yours.

Goals & Objectives

  • Drive online sales through demand and lead generation 
  • Improve the user experience by fulfilling an initiative UI web design
  • Support effective calls to action and clear navigation
  • Engaging and guiding prospective customers 
  • Deliver an integrated content strategy 
  • Leverage Ektron WCM capabilities to empower marketers
  • Optimizing website performance and content updates 
  • Collaborate with OSIsoft resources for intuitive knowledge transfer
Goals & Objectives


With intuitive interfacing, our services can provide multiple demand and lead-generation widgets in order to clearly convey your product and direction. We strongly feel that the user experience should feel natural while compelling in order to integrate page ideas and effective calls to action, supported by clear navigation on any device. 

By employing Ektron WCMS, your marketing department can easily build additional pages and update content with limited training and oversight. Our OSIsoft resources provide complete control of your Ektron architecture and applications. This has been a game-changer for our clients. Described as the smoothest website launch in company history—OSIsoft has received many client compliments on the website.

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