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Concerned About Performance? Host A Website with Moonstone Interactive

Website information and design need to be kept current and useful. Our website hosting and maintenance packages provide a highly responsive team of professionals ready to update and enhance your online marketing campaigns and / or your website as needed. To ensure that all external and internal links are pro-actively kept up-to-date, we also provide a unique automatic link checking service.

Reliability is critical for Internet success. We strongly believe that visitors must be able to access your site at any time of the day or night, every day.

The Best Bay Area Web Hosting: Moonstone’s Enterprise Class Hosting
With our Enterprise Class Hosting, you can have the Website server architecture and reliability of large corporations, without the accompanying large cost. For contingency benefits, we provide separate development, staging and backup servers spread across two geographically separated data centers, in addition to a high performance production server for your clients to access. If your production server were to fail, we can redirect your users to a different server within hours versus days with many other providers.

To truly optimize your business goals through our host a website package, traffic patterns and search engine results must be analyzed to determine what works and what doesn’t. At no additional cost, our Bay Area Web hosting also provides integrated web analytics software, Urchin 6, that will enable you to monitor site performance.


  • Up to 2 hours of availability per month of Moonstone’s expert staff for website updates, hosted content management, content changes, reports, SEO performance maintenance, and PPC campaign management.
  • Simple content change requests handled within 48 hours.
  • Automated link checking, weekly.
  • Standardized quality control processes including automated link checking.
  • Private staging server to review changes before being implemented in a production environment.
  • Separately, you can arrange for Moonstone to set up a hosted content management system that enables you to easily make copy edits yourself.


  • Our best Web hosting service offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure that servers are running optimally, delivering a positive user experience.
  • Service level agreement performance of 99.9%.
  • Daily offsite backup to provide a superior level of contingency protection.
  • Assistance with domain name registration (registration fees are separate).
  • DNS services.
  • Access, MySQL or SQL Server database.
  • Secure eCommerce interface to a secure payment gateway (if appropriate).
  • Secure Pages (SSL certificate registration is separate).
  • Streaming Video Server for an optimal video performance.
  • Online access to sophisticated Urchin website reporting.
    • Arbitrary date range analysis – not confined to monthly analysis.
    • Most accurate unique visitor and usage reporting, e.g. page views, bandwidth used.
    • Interactive charts and graphics, i.e. pie charts, bar, or line graph options for most reports.
    • Direct export to Word, Excel and more.
    • Campaign tracking (requires separate campaign tagging) as part of the best Web hosting service.

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