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kentico-hosting-partner.pngAs you know, technology continues to advance and become increasingly part of our lives. While technology advancements simplify much of our lives, they also increase demands and risks in maintaining our technology infrastructure. The news is filled with hackers disrupting services or stealing private information from well trusted brands, e.g. Walmart, Citibank, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Lately, we have even experienced major service disruptions due to hardware failures for services that we take for granted, such as Southwest and Delta Airlines.

At Moonstone, we fully recognize both the importance of Kentico hosting services to support your client expectations, and the growing needs for elevated Kentico hosting requirements. Our Kentico hosting environment and services address the realities of the technology evolution. Moonstone has enterprise level hosting services to address today’s challenges and lay the foundation for scaling with the continued evolution.

What makes Moonstone different?
What makes Moonstone different?

  • Dedicated servers at our own colocation center
  • Enhanced Security
  • Built in redundancy and failure recovery
  • Managed hosting solutions
  • Our Kentico expertise
What are the benefits of Managed Hosting?
What are the benefits of Managed Hosting?

Generic web hosts may provide cut-rate hosting, but they do not support your business success.

They do not help you assess the needs or your business and they do little to help resolve any issues that arise. Sleep better at night with Moonstone’s Managed Hosting solutions.
Other benefits:

  • Reduced anxiety with multiple layers of security / virus / vulnerability protection 
  • Reliability with 24 / 7 monitoring
  • Effective solutions with expertise with Kentico product
  • Personalized attention with customized options
  • Adaptability with our scalability
  • Accessibility to technical support
  • Confidence in recovery contingency with managed backups: daily and weekly
Your Moonstone Hosting Plan includes:
Your Moonstone Hosting Plan includes:

Enterprise Class Hosting with new VM technology (Windows Server 2012 R2 hosting)

  • Two web sites: High-performance production site, plus separate development site
  • Active-Failover redundant web server+
  • Active-Failover redundant database server++
  • Enterprise Firewall HA Pair
  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure that servers are running optimally, delivering a positive user experience
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware checks
  • Service level agreement performance of 99.5%
  • Daily Site and Database backups. Incremental daily backups, full weekly backups. 6 weeks retention.
  • Email relay server
  • PCI Compliant
  • Automated Weekly link checking and client reporting
  • Video Streaming capability (additional cost)

Shared Hosting

Price Per Month: $199*
Shared Database Server
Shared Web Server
Web Server Disk Space: 20 GB
Max Database Size: 10GB (additional databases available: $100/mo)
Access via SFTP

* Initial setup fees may apply
+ Redundant Web Server – if one web server encounters a failure, the second web server will be brought online to take over while the failed server is taken offline for maintenance.

++ Full SQL Mirroring – If the active database server encounters a failure, the backup database will take over immediate while the failed server is taken offline for maintenance

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